#BlackExcellence Manifesto

A Manifesto for Black Excellence:

“We Still Exist”

When one examines the evolution of Black America, we see a culture demonized, tarnished, or erased by American history and global media. Black America is facing a near death experience around the world as communities struggle to stay above water.

In 1926, Carter Woodson initiated Negro History Week to celebrate African American accomplishments.

Today, the Black community is taught to celebrate a salient racial identity in a “post-racial” America. Much to our chagrin, the post racial America narrative to enhance our quality of life has fallen short of reality.

While history, media, and society wrestle with the relevance of Blackness, Black History Month, and Kwanzaa, The Black Excellence Project delights in a serendipitous opportunity to mobilize Black America in Chicago and beyond.

To counter the failures of humanity, The Black Excellence Project has organized a curated assembly of enthusiasts, nationalists, activists, strategists, artists, humanists, and other persons and organizations who value the Black experience in America.

Join Us In Celebrating!


We envision a New Black America of self-actualized, self-determined Black Americans who celebrate, and are celebrated for, their Identity, Heritage, Culture, & Service.


The Black Excellence Project mission is to establish a new standard of excellence in Black Identity, Heritage, Culture and Service. We are missioned visionaries who are curators of the Black & Excellent. We use the arts and sciences to inspire revelation about the future of Blackness in America and beyond.

Core Values


Identity is the Hope of Blackness. We value identity because it is the prerequisite to realizing passion, purpose, and place.


Heritage is the Purpose of Blackness. We value heritage and traditions informed by sacred memory of why we still exist.


Culture is the Will of Blackness. We value culture because we have the power to create and define our experiences.


Service is the Love of Blackness. We value service as the supreme expression of loyalty, trust, and respect.

Core Principles

To create a safe space for those who work tirelessly to repair the damaged world system.

Restore hope in disenfranchised, discouraged and divided Black communities worldwide.

Advance the International Decade for People of African Descent.

Manifest new economies to eradicate poverty.

Assist damaged communities in defining their identity.

Research the depth and breadth of Blackness in America and beyond.




“Nea Onnim Nsaa Oto N’ago” :

“He who does not know authentic Nsaa will buy the fakes”

The Adinkra Dictionary refers to the genuineness and authenticity of an object.  It reflects excellence and is intended to discourage satisfaction with objects of lower quality or of second nature.

Organizing Objectives

Youth and Young Adult Movement 

Gangster -Isms




  • Foreclosure crisis depleted wealth in the black community due to predatory lending practices.
  • Can the black community sustain an economy that generates revenue for the urban centers?
  • Nielsen projected that the Black America would have a spending power of $1.1T in technology and food in 2015.
  • OBJECTIVE: Establish Chicago as the first Sanctuary City for People of African Descent with focus on real estate acquisition and develop. Promote shopping local to steer money by incubating enterprises that redirect wealth back into community restoration efforts.

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