An Admonition of Greatness

RARE VIDEO: “When I retire I’m going to get ready to meet God!” Muhammad Ali

In Honor of Black America’s Fallen Stars loss in 2016, we share a rare¬†interview between the latest greatest Muhammad Ali and Reg Gutteridge in Newcastle circa July 1977.

At this stage in his career, Ali had captured the hearts and minds of fans at the height of his career as world heavyweight boxing champion. Many journos of the time lauded his ability to “transcend race and religion” as one of the most famous athletes of his time.

In this interview, GOAT Muhammad Ali shares his desire to use his influence to create world¬†peace, serve to others, and become closer to God as his top priorities in retirement. Our prayers are that at his last breath God greeted him with “well done faithful servant!”

Rest in Power Brother Muhammad Ali al Fatihah.

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